After a whole year of learning and working with software engineering technologies varying from low level programming with C to high level development with Python and web development with Flask and SQL-Alchemy, we got to work on a portfolio project at the end of the foundation year. The portfolio project had no restrictions related to what technologies we could use or to what it should be about, and it was a good opportunity to strengthen our technical skills and deepen our web development knowledge.

Our idea is a cross platform for all social media in one place without annoying pubs…

What is the internet of things? Since the 2010s, many startups have monopolized this market, just like multinationals who invest huge funds in what is also called Web 3.0. START tells you more.

In the shadow of artificial intelligence and blockchain, the Internet of Things continues to plunge its tentacles into the economy. Last week, US multinational Hewlett-Packard announced a $ 4 billion investment in the Internet of Things. A study, by the firm IDC, figures global spending in this same IoT sector at $ 1.2 trillion by 2022. You hear about it but you don’t know what it means…

In this article, I want my readers to get a picture of a very basic concept of the web world. Previously, I’ve written articles about Machine learning, Static Libraries vs. Dynamic Libraries,.. etc. But, today, I want my readers to get into the journey which they encounter at first when they hit any URL.

Difference between URL and Domain Name

The major difference between both is that the URL is a complete address. URL tells about the method through which information should exchange, the path after reaching that website. Whereas the domain name is part of a URL.

Let’s take our previous example to better understand…


Artificial intelligence is everywhere in the press. Machine learning is everywhere in companies.

What is the link between these three disciplines, and above all, what differentiates them?

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2. From Perceptron to Deep Neural Nets

3. Neural networks for solving differential equations

4. Turn your Raspberry Pi into homemade Google Home

Artificial intelligence

Indeed, in the common imagination, when we talk about artificial intelligence , we mean by this a program that can perform human tasks , learning on its own. …

What’s a Library ?

A library is a collection of pre-compiled pieces of code called functions. The library contains common functions and together, they form a package called — a library. Functions are blocks of code that get reused throughout the program. Using the pieces of code again in a program saves time. It keeps the programmer from rewriting the code several times. For programmers, libraries provide reusable functions, data structures, classes and so forth.

Why and When to used Libraries: Libraries provide the user the benefit to used a variate of files that can be reused in different programs. For example If we…

The shell is a program that takes your commands from the keyboard and gives them to the operating system to perform. A shell hides the details of the underlying operating system and manages the technical details of the operating system kernel interface.

The prompt, $, which is called command prompt, is issued by the shell. While the prompt is displayed, you can type a command. The shell reads your input after you press Enter. It determines the command you want executed by looking at the first word of your input. A word is an unbroken set of characters. Spaces and…

When a C program is compiled, the compiler generates object code. After generating the object code, the compiler also invokes linker. One of the main tasks for linker is to make code of library functions (eg printf(), scanf(), sqrt(), ..etc) available to your program. A linker can accomplish this task in two ways, by copying the code of library function to your object code, or by making some arrangements so that the complete code of library functions is not copied, but made available at run-time.

Static Linking and Static Libraries is the result of the linker making copy of all…

If you are here and don’t have any information about what we are talking about , so let’s define some terms before we start

It is important to understand that while some computer languages (e.g. Scheme or Basic) are normally used with an interactive interpreter (where you type in commands that are immediately executed), C doesn’t work that way. C source code files are always compiled into binary code by a program called a “compiler” and then executed. This is actually a multi-step process which we describe in some detail here.

Make Sure Compiler Is Installed On a Unix-like System

What is a Soft Link or Symbolic Link or Symlink ?

Soft links or Symlinks are very similar to what we say “Shortcut” in windows, is a way to link to a file or directory. Symlinks doesn’t contain any information about the destination file or contents of the file, instead of that, it simply contains the pointer to the location of the destination file. In more technical words, in soft link, a new file is created with a new inode, which have the pointer to the inode location of the original file. This can be better explained with a diagram:

Symbolic links are created with the “ln” command in linux. …

This article will teach you how to use ls command to list all “.c” files
So before answering about the question let’s know some important informations

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system or a kernel. It is distributed under an open source license. Its functionality list is quite like UNIX.

What is Bash

Bash is a Unix shell and command language. Written by Brain Fox as a free alternative to the Bourne Shell. It was first released in 1989. It is usually the default shell for Linux and macOS. And it is even now available for Windows 10.

What is a shell

It is basically the command line…

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